TELEGRAPH ONLINE: Kitchen nightmare

22 July, 2019 It’s the stuff of kitchen nightmares: last week, a young chef at Calcot Hotel and Spa, near Tetbury, Gloucestershire was hospitalised after a colleague put a hot buttered potato down his trousers. Screaming chefs, searing heat, the flash of sharp knives and constant profanity was once the image of the professional kitchen, thanks to books […]

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TELEGRAPH ONLINE: Haute caffeine

19 July, 2019 The world of high fashion is buzzing thanks to a new trend: haute caffeine. Flat whites, espressos and cakes to go with them are currently on offer from some of the most prestigious brands in London, with a Ralph Lauren coffee pop-up currently running in the New Bond Street shop, a Fendi cafe at Harrods, […]

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